The Life of Me: Update

So things have been a bit crazy in the life of me and I feel like I have yet to really update you on, well, the life of me. Be it vapid, be it vain that I think this, but I’m pretty sure you might just be curious and whispering to yourself: Did that girl ever stop finding funemployment, fun, thus making it just plain unemployment? Did she ever manage to do anything productive with her life other than write on her blog that only her mom and her boyfriend’s mom read? (Thank you to you BOTH by the way – I truly appreciate the readership and look forward to your comments.)

Well good news. Funemployment has been nonexistent for months now and I’m plugging along with my Social Media Consulting business. I have also taken up writing for a fashion blog, which means I don’t just blog to occupy time and get my jollies but now, as my sister put it, I’m a “real live blogger” and like, a professional and stuff. And I’m working for a couple start-ups to help them grow huge.

I mustn’t forget to mention that I am also spending time with doggies for money, which allows me to be a surrogate dog owner if only for the 15 minute walk I’m required to escort a puppy on.  I’ll totally even pretend a dog is mine when I’m walking it if a stranger asks.

So, such is the life of a freelancer and I’m not going to lie, it’s a sweet one.

Me+Filofax=Organizational Love

You’re probably asking yourself, “How does she do it?!” And I’ll admit, my mind is like a jumble of all these things going on so I recently decided to organize myself via Filofax. If you do not know what I’m talking about please take a second to educate yourself here.

And for the sake of full disclosure because I seem to be spilling it all, I’ll have you know that for some reason, organizational products and the like (school supplies, office supplies, etc.) are my crack because I don’t have a real crack. When I was little, the only exciting thing for me about going back to school was supply shopping. The smell of the new notebooks, the packs of ballpoint pens, the binders and the puzzle. What puzzle? The Puzzle. The Puzzle that was deciphering the best possible way to organize my school life be it through binders, labeled notebooks or clear hole punched folders…adrenaline pumping…breathing quickly.

…Yeah so, call me what you will (nerd, freak, or maybe your long lost twin??), but I still have this heart-pounding love for organizational products. And thus: Filofax.

So I have organized my life now and obsessively make To-Do lists in my apple green, faux ostrich print, leather, size A5 Filofax organizer. And as I mentioned, things are sweet.

Saying “buh-bye” to Corporate America was the best decision I have made in my career ever. You know, my epically long career of almost 4 years now. My, my, time flies.

Anywho – I hope this little update action here, clues you in a bit to my all-too-exciting life and your unending hunger for information about me is at least, temporarily, satiated. I’m going to aim to post more frequently here, as I really do love this blog and I like to keep you updated/enjoy writing about myself. I do feel that I have neglected Miss Y&R as of late and I’m sorry, my wittle bloggy poo. I’ll try to be a better mommy.


13 responses to “The Life of Me: Update

  1. For every comment, there are probably thousands and maybe millions of readers. My sister (for one) enjoys reading them when I share but she hasn’t commented…yet.

  2. Finally, my favorite blog updates! Work, shmirk. No excuse for taking so long to entertain me with your beautiful, brilliant words.

  3. I was going to say ‘great post’ but then I accidentally read Ben’s comment and threw up a bit.

  4. Congrats your gonna be great! Just make sure to securely fasten your Bloggles before you dive in.

  5. Linda Schumacher-Brown

    What an interesting blog. I am so happy that your happy because that make me happy. And I’m happy when your happy which makes us both happy.

  6. There are lots of us filofax fans out there 🙂
    If you pop over to you’ll see!

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